How does it work?

  1. You reach out to me via email / phone. The more information regarding your project you can provide the better. Do let me know what reference you have in mind, what is important to you in the mix, etc.
  2. In case I accept the request I will then provide you with a quote 
  3. You now send me the raw tracks or the unmastered song(s) via eMail, Dropbox or WeTransfer
  4. Shortly after you get the mix (or master respectively) as an MP3 for a first listen 
  5. You now can provide me your feedback in up to three revision rounds at no additional charge
  6. Once you are happy with the changes you sign off the song(s) and then process the payment
  7. After receiving the payment I send the high quality WAV master file(s) (and if applicable the DDP files) to you


How do you get the music from me?


  • eMail (zip)
  • Dropbox: you send me the link to your files
  • WeTransfer


What audio format do you prefer?

  • non compressed WAV at 44.1/48 khz with 16/24 BIT Resolution
  • Please ensure that you prepare all tracks for mixdown accordingly: they all need to start at the same time, even if there is silence at the beginning (otherwise I cannot align the tracks in my DAW correctly). Please also ensure you have turned off all effects, eqs, compression, etc. unless there is a very specific effect you want to hear in a very particular way (e.g. filter sweeps, solo guitar treatments or similar stuff). In case of doubt just call me or send me both versions of the track. Do ensure the tracks are not clipping and are correctly labelled so that I do not have to waste your and my time for doing the guesswork ;o) 
  • Upon request I can also deal with Pro Tools sessions


What audio format do I get in return?


  • I deliver in WAV 44.1/24 BIT as this is the most common Format. I also happily provide upon request 48/24 and 44.1/16, e.g. for Compact Disc manufacturing
  • Higher resolutions are not supported (and do not make sense except for very very rare occasions from my practical experience)
  • If needed I can also provide a DDP file


What are the turnaround times?


  • Five working days is the guidance for a regular project without too many extra requests
  • For larger projects I can agree on a particular deadline with you beforehand


What happens if I am not satisfied?


  • Up to three mix revisions are already included in the price 
  • My ultimate goal is to have happy returning customers. This means I am highly committed to find a solution that works for both you and me. In the unlikely event that you remain unhappy with the results you do not have to pay. However, in this case I will also not provide the final high resolution WAV files to you


How can I pay?


  • I accept PayPal or bank Transfer
  • You only pay after you have signed off the mixes (see above)