Online Mixing (including 3 revisions, up to 4.30 min duration):

  • up to 24 tracks: 129 USD / GBP (149 EUR)
  • up to 48 tracks: 219 USD / GBP (249 EUR)
  • Add ons (upon request & separately charged):
    • extensive additional vocal editing
    • timing & tuning corrections
    • drum replacements
    • alternative mixes with basically same settings but different versions, e.g. instrumental only, vocal up/down
  • For larger projects or volume discounts please request individual quotes! 


Online Mastering (denoising, EQing, loudness adjustments, panorama correction, including 3 revisions, up to 4.30 mins duration):

  • Stereofile: 39 USD / GBP (49 EUR)
  • Each additional stem: 12 USD / GBP (15 EUR)
  • Albumdeal up to 15 tracks / 60 min duration stereo files: 599 USD / GBP (649 EUR)  
  • DDP File per Song: 5 USD / GBP / EUR (already included in the album deals)
  • For larger projects or volume discounts please request individual quotes!



  • Billed by the hour: 50 USD / GBP (55 EUR) 
  • I happily provide a quote after having received the file for a quick check. Already included in the Quote is a short sample of what I can do for you. You then can freely decide whether you like what you hear or not.


Special Deals:

  • Children / students / newcomer bands, charity organizations: I grant an individual discount upon request!
  • For major label releases: I grant a 25% discount if you credit my work on the release notes and provide me with at least one copy of the released CD/Vinyl/etc.